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Memorabilia..! (A Story by Murthy Kvvs)

Memorabilia..! (A Story By Murthy Kvvs)

There are two reasons to step into Mysore. First, I have got a call from CIIL to attend the classes of translation studies. And the second one, to have a visit to the memorial house of Late R.K.Narayan, one of the eminent writers of India. I had written a letter to him during my college days after reading his novel 'Swamy and his friends'.Response from the stalwart was not expected as I was a just common reader among innumerable book lovers. Miraculously I received a letter from him. His signature under the lines typed on the white paper gave me immense joy and which had addressed none other than me. I had shown the letter to my friends and lecturers, in a spurt of enthusiasm. Everybody held me in great respect thereafter.

Thus R.K.Narayan entered my life giving me some special place in my circle. I started reading all his other works with great attention. Our college library became my favorite nestle whenever I had free time. All this was about more than three decades back. But the impact of such reading moved me to further shores regarding observing things around me and trying to pen it at times. I should say it's my initial inspiration to the journey of literary pursuits. Now I am in Mysore. But R.K.Narayan is no more. He passed away several years back, yet, there is a house where he lived once turned a memorial one at present. However, I have to be there for some time. See the magic of time, I am going to be there where he lived in flesh and blood, once upon a time. To experience his presence there.

"Do you know Yadava giri. How far from here?" I asked Dr.Sharma after having settled down on the campus of CIIL. He also came here to attend translation classes. Well acquainted with Mysore since he had visited it several times.

"Just a couple of miles. Accessible by autos, wish to visit R,K. Narayan's home? " He guessed it amazingly.

" are right"

"Don't worry. First, let's see other places like Madikeri, Coorg, and someones in Kerala in our leisure and at last, you can see that. No problem" He suggested.

The training program encompasses almost one month. Every Sunday is a holiday, so we started going to places which were in and around Mysore. It gives us fresh air after the hectic schedule of the classes. There was a mini India in our campus literally, comprising of candidates from all states. In this way, a living example of national integration on the pretext of Translation mission. An exhilarating sight with different ages of candidates.Students, research scholars, Journos, teachers, and all other walks of life who were interested in Translation work. It's a skill enhancement program conducted by CIIL, a govt. of India organization.

 Garden City has many interesting things to explore. With its heritage of sandalwood, silk and Royal Palace the green cover across the streets is stupendous. On one Sunday, some young people planned to visit Sultan bathery and nearby falls in Kerala. Almost 2 hours drive. We have also joined by paying charges for the trip. It was just like an educational tour, by knowing many things about the places.

Mr.Sharma, a German professor and I were from Telugu states. Hence we made into a peer group. And there was no dearth of fulfillment what a true traveler wished to have over a trip like this. There were other people mostly younger than us who made it hilarious in all respects. In return, we have covered some other places. Altogether a successful trip. After that, we all made our way to Ooty, Coorg, Nagara Hole and so on successively on different holidays. Not to say about roaming across the Mysore streets in the evening leisure times. Mysore cuisine deeply influenced by the Udupi style. We liked it very much.

Our campus seemed to have sprawled in almost one hundred acres or maybe more than it with buildings for many departments and hostels. By evening after classes ended, all we trainees were gathered on the green lawns in front of the hostel. And some have gone out for chilling their own way. And some were strolling after their dinner. There I have met two research scholars, Kamal Raj, and B.T.Reddy. They said that the training certificate would be useful for their future endeavors.

The young were more advantageous as they have a great weapon, the time. They would be professors or highly well placed in the future if they use it prudently. Cultural front too to be discussed here. In intervals of lectures, many trainees showcased their talent in singing, poetry recital and other crafts. How diverse and fascinating India is with all these mystified spirits of unity..!

Dr.Sharma had sung a song on the contribution of Kannada cultural greats like Pampa, Ranna, Kuvempu, Basaveswara and other stalwarts. I was overwhelmed on knowing this Kannada song was written by himself only. Being a Telugu one, penning such a wonderful Kannada song..? I requested him to upload it on Youtube. I am still waiting for the moment.

Time is nearing to departure. All these days brought me my college life back. Lectures of great experts maneuvered my spirits anew with unseen avenues. Mouthwatering dishes over chatting with new friends. Friends like mentors Tariq Khan and Anwar sirs. Above all the mosaic of different states' people yet to miss. What about your visiting to the memorial of R.K.Narayan's..? I know you're all going to ask me the same question.

Well..! I was to visit it alone as Dr.Sharma got his reservation ticket a bit earlier. I resumed walking up to St.Joseph's school and got an auto to get down at the Vivekananda Road where the wizard of Malgudi lived in a two storied house. The ambiance was cool with huge trees and neat roads around. There in the register signed and entered with a tinge of excitement. Every article used by the Malgudi creator kept in with utmost care. The writing desk, chair, bed, pens, photos, dresses, books and many things showcased for the visitors. Definitely one feels his existence in the astral plane. Did he believe in paranormal activities..? Yes, in his novel of 'the English teacher', the protagonist's wife was used to speak him after her death. He described it to have happened in a garden with the help of a particular person who kept meditating on the subject. I tiptoed out of the house.

What to do freeze this moment in the fashion of tributing the great soul..! I started thinking in many ways. At last, I decided to write a short story, however, the quality it would be of, a tribute with a few words to my favorite writer..! Let his soul forgive this greenhorn in case any morass being created by me on the pretext. (By Murthy Kvvs)


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