Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Clouds over the Green Pastures

Green pastures and the floating clouds,above all scattered houses here and there in the thickness of forest like ambiance.I was intrigued to capture the scene on the spot.It was around Nugarawaliya in Sri Lanka.In fact,not closer to it,You would meet it while journeying from Kandy to Nugarawaliya via some Tea production companies.There were a few good hotels from where you can see the landscapes and water falls vividly from the wall glasses.Always drizzling over the trip we had taken,November month to say.

The Island country offers a lot to the visitors,natural elegance apart from rolling back to cultural and historical glances in abundance.Diverse cuisine is available in many hotels.For Nature aficionados,a real visual feast where ever we go,that's what one could feel in brief.Serene waters in flowing,rushing in falls,how the form of waters appear in myriad ways are to be witnessed.Scaling heights of hills added extra beauty.   


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