Friday, August 24, 2018

My Berhampur trip...!

It's a long-awaited moment.At last got down at Berhampur of Odisha.The place is known for Telugu literary stalwarts like Gidugu Ramurthy,Tapi Dharma Rao and Uppala Laxmana Rao and many others.It was all about hoary past and what is going on there at present..? I know any sober mind would ask it.Going to unravel it what I felt on the visit.

Still the place is swerving with great guns. there are prominent poets,story writers,theater artists and all kinds of connoisseurs in terms of Telugu diaspora and in fact the town is a best blend of Odiya and Telugu cultures.Well,my presence seemed unexpected by the friends like Vijay Chandra as my bus drove me crazy by being late,almost more than one hour.For the last couple of years,I have been confined to bus journey for some reasons.Enjoying exotic passing landscapes in leisure and listening to common and middle class people have become my new interests.

Landed up at Lanjhi palli bypass road.An auto served me up to Railway station and where I have boarded in a hotel.Both Auto charge and Hotel charge were quite reasonable.After having a shower,came out for heading towards Prakasam hall.And that's the place where our legendary Telugu literary organisation VIKASAM was conducting a memorial lecture on Uppala Laxmana Rao garu,the great novelist and exemplary translator.(12th of August denotes 120th birth celebrations of Uppala garu)Vijay Chandra garu gave me clear cut instructions to reach the venue and which helped me a lot and avoided sweating out for my destination.

As I entered the Andhra bhashaabhivardini samajam's meeting chamber, founded that interaction session was on with Ms.KS Malleeswari garu,Awardee of TANA novel competition.And she was to deliver the key note address in the evening.Vijay Chandra garu waved me to be seated and Mandapaka Kameswara Rao Raju garu with his disarming smile welcomed me and it was the first time seeing him.Of course familiar on FB.

People who attended the meeting have also asked her several questions,related to past and present scenarios of Telugu literature.It was a great tradition eliciting thought provoking ideas of intellectuals to ponder over.Ummadisetti Ramesh garu,Setupati Adinarayana garu and others raised interesting questions.I was de-stressed of my journey.After the session,Vijay Chandra garu asked me whether I would come to his residence for boarding.I am always grateful to his kind heart.For his hospitality,right from Rayagada days to hosting a delicious dinner at his home.

Sethupati Adinarayana garu drove me to the place where I stayed.He spoke elaborately on his itinerary days of Russia.Many ground breaking issues surfaced in his talk.All this has taken place in the evening session.What I astonished about key note address was the chief guest had hardly spoken anything about the contribution of Uppala Laxmana Rao garu.She should better have touched the spectrum of translation strategies adopted by Rao garu since it was his forte.I know,she was competent enough.

New friendships made.And streets of Berhampur were walked out.Everything fresh and bright.Good bye Berhampur.

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  1. How nice to offered a nice stay and meal at your colleague's home during your visit to his city. It sounds like you enjoyed an interesting lecture.


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