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On the Fateful day...! (A Story)---Murthy Kvvs

On the Fateful day...! (A Story)---Murthy Kvvs

Is it true or something fiction?Or any other motive behind the news? Whatever it could be, which sent shock waves through my spine as the news got read by.You want to know about it?Yes.there I am for you.I have come across a queer news in "Orissa Post" daily a couple of days back.It was my hobby browsing online editions of different states to know how the things taking place in different public domains.

Let me forward a bit.The news I read on that day was all about Ghosts.Yes, you heard it right.Some people who belonged to the Indian Paranormal Society gave interview and wherein they disclosed their findings of haunting areas in and around Bhubaneswar, of course beyond it.The team was researching on abnormal entities, and which are difficult to be proved with physical evidence.They have had their own equipment to carry on their work.

You could ask me how the hell I was connected with such bizarre news.Had I not visited Bhubaneswar a month back, I would not have given a damn for it?

* * * *
Some times my travels go unplanned, however far they are and the woes they bore.It was nothing comparing to the excitement of the journey that would give a true relief from the daily chorus.Seeing a new place is my utmost priority of all.To be frank, going to Bhubaneswar is not the first time for me.This is one of the most adorable places for me for many reasons.Both the ancient history and modern spirit mingle here so comfortably with serene laid-back life.

I have reached the railway station of Master canteen area of Bhubaneswar.It was about past two thirty and it seemed almost midday.There were two ways leading to Jananpath Marg main road, from the station.I took left side one and after crossing the bus stop, turned to a small passage which leads to hotels in the lane.The locality was called as jhunjhun wala.Boarded in a modest hotel called hotel Ashok.It worth the money paid by me.It was under half way construction when I had been here last time, say, a two year back.People at the reception counter were humble and informative.

Some Ganesh Mishra was receptionist last time and he arranged a vehicle for sight seeing the tour at the reasonable price.He clears off all my queries about Orissa, with patience.I do not know where he is now.He was replaced by new ones now.Time moves with its own plans with the people it needed.For worse or better...!
The hotel room was comfortable with jasmine like white bed and another blanket in spare.slept like a dead one till the evening.Maybe out of the tedious journey.Took a shower after waking up.Lodged the keys with the reception.

.Then, it was shown in that hall,a phenomenon wide eyed portraits of Puri Jaganath and his siblings.What could be the real concept behind the prominence of eyes?Never dared to interpret it for myself.

I came out of the hotel, keep walking slowly through the passage of Jhunjhun wala.Reached the Ashok nagar main road.It was turning at night.Heading straight and impulse to stand in front the Panda Mart shop to taste some street side food.I have taken Dahi vada-Aalu dam...a typical Odiya item.It satisfied my taste buds.Happened to see the hoarding of Toshali fest where handicrafts exhibition was going on, moreover there was a music show of Satyajeet Jena in the premises, the child prodigy came to lime light from Saregama li'l champs whom I like very much for his singing talent.

Why should I miss it? I have caught the bus heading towards Baramunda.Toshali premises was all busy with different stalls hailed from different states.People seemed like a swerving ocean.It's a time for checking out textiles and other handicrafts apart from chilling out.Sambalpur textile outfit was with special attraction by conducting the power show on how they make Ikkat sarees and so on.It took almost two hours having a round of all outlets to cover.Around eight o' clock, the music show commenced and which lasted unto ten o'clock.In return,the auto was engaged as the frequency of buses is low.

I have got down from the auto at the entrance of Jhunjhun wala.Conceived walking through the small passage and there was a shopping complex in dilapidated condition.It must have been under reconstruction work.Roads wear the deserted look.chilly wind keeps swaying.Somewhere a dog was crooning.People were hardly seen.Got the hotel room at last.After fresh up, switched on the local tv channel for happenings around.There was a ruckus in the state assembly over the remarks made by some minister named Damodar rout on Brahmins.And he was also seemed to have sacked on the reason.Down south, nobody gives a damn when the Brahmin bash prevailed since the latter lost the political clout after independence.

Flipping through different channels eyes became wary.Switched off the tube light along with the tv.Closed my eyes to have a sleep.Within some minutes, I could have plunged into a deep sea of sleep, then, suddenly I felt like a sharp hand touched my back and dropped after a few moments.Surprised and bewildered.I wanted to open my eyes.Tried hard.My efforts went futile.This time, I wanted to cry out, no use.My God What is happening here for me.Paraplegic literally.
understand for the first time what the spine chilling night meant by.

I desperately wanted some power to face this invisible enemy.Who will be that?My Spiritual Gurus came to my mind.They were appearing inside me with the playful smile.I prayed intensely to overcome this dreadful spirit, if it was so.My eyes kept opening slowly after five minutes.remain triumphant at last.With the help of my invisible Gurus.Woke up from the bed to have some water.Switched on the tube all along the night.

Next morning proved that I was alive as usual.Daybreak brought the confidence, a thousand times.My attendance at several meetings required two more days.Surprisingly no trace of that invisible spirit experienced all these days.I can not say what the exact reason for it and even my imagination quips with no clue.

The receptionist maintained a mysterious silence when I asked him about the incident occurred to me.Also wanted him to come up with details whether anyone committed suicide around the place.He remains mum.I did not have time to insistfurthermore, as my train could leave in some minutes.As I was slipping out of the hotel gate, inordinately glanced back.He keeps staring at me.Perhaps he wanted to tell me something and his disability deterred, who knows? (The End)


  1. A good narration in simple lucid style of language.Your narrations are always enigmatic and keep us in a state of expecting more of them.A nice and matured attempt..I love it !!!👌👌👌👌👌


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