Thursday, April 19, 2018

It happens once in a while..!

A news article in today's Sakshi (Telugu daily) intrigued me to scribble a few words about a man whom I got acquainted almost 44 years back and I was a ten years old kid then.He was a doctor in a small town hospital,perhaps,those could have been  earlier days in his career.Like it happened sometimes,his picture flashed in my memories almost 2 days before his demise somewhere in Hyderabad.

For  unknown reasons,his name and face registered in my sub conscious mind and no contact was maintained all these years.He was then a slim and handsome guy with pensive nose unlike being appeared in the news article.Amazed at seeing the magic of time,bludgeoned his younger version into the present one.

Come to the point,his name is Ithamraju Pandu Ranga Rao, a medical doctor and rose to the heights of rarity to introduce many noble programs in the state,all I could know about him through this article gave me a virtual journey into my childhood.And got me how a man could progress in course of time.Rest in peace doc. 


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