Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Story compilation "Twenty Tales" by Rabinarayan Senapati

One window takes us into another window.Sometimes to a shore of exotic exhortations.That's what the vibrant side of  internet.The story writer got released this book in the hands of veteran writer Sri Manoj Das and the same pictures attracted my attention while browsing the concerned FB page.That's how things get streamlined to have a copy of "Twenty Tales" written by Rabinarayan Senapati.

Let me speak out a few words as I have finished the reading a couple of days back.There are twenty stories in the compilation as the title corresponds.Some are small and some are big in size.However above 215 pages altogether.Madhubana hills and its surrounding villages of Odisha state encompassed in most of the stories with extracting hues of people life.Writer told it in a palpable spirit to provide the glimpses of human's woes and blues.How industrialization took a toll in the lives of go simple and happy villagers was described in stories like "Return of the Axe and Ghuguniwala of Madhubana" etc.

You would feel being in Madhubana with its characters like Lalu,a small time vendor who experiments with his life on the advent of industries in his locality and Bidisha,a destitute woman lost all her property as she was devoid of worldly ways.A Saudi returned Mirza Ayub' resolve towards newly usurped phenomena,all these take readers into the vicinity of Madhubana.Almost 10 stories based on this landscape and the happenings were not of fiction but the results of colossal development spree.

And there were other stories like caste,tryst with destiny,daktarbabu so on.Able disabled filled with light sarcasm while Old students association brings out the love and affection of buddies about their college days.One Rajendra depicted in this can be seen out in the world with true love towards his old friends of college.A literature farmer's suicide based on award wapasi incident which carried a message about ossified ideologies.

Senapati's style of writing is simple,straight and crispy.No unnecessary bombastic linguistic show off to confuse the reader.He wants to convey what Madubana quintessentially was and is with ever changing situations.He sincerely confessed his possible short comings as he was being occupied with his profession of medical doctor.However it proved an added strength while writing about corporate hospital strategies and other details in many stories.---   Murthy K v v s 


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  2. 'Thanks' is not enough. A reviewer of Bulldozers doing a review of a first time author's book is encouraging. Thanks for getting the book. So happy that the book is read.
    Not entering to linguistic vanity is a compulsion on the part of the author because of his limited expertise. Yet sir he is determined to tell a story. When there is a story, an illiterate grandfather can tell it nicely. The review here has caught the author's exact mind. While doing the review he is so kind to encourage a first time author. Definitely he will write more. As regards to stories too he had entered the author's mind. So the author's fear for a critic is gone... A critic can be so friendly... Namaste and thanks


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