Friday, June 23, 2017

At National Translation Mission..!

True.It could be a sin, if I don't write about my days spent at  National Translation mission,Mysore.I have already translated "The God Father" of Mario Puzo into Telugu and which has its second edition in the market after having exhausted first print.That means or sounds something  meaty with my translation.Practically.Hope so..!But why you conceived the  journey all the way,you may question me..yes...there were excuses enough for it.

(At valedictory meeting  click done by Sankar Shaw)

I always want to meet new people and places with its own  offerings.The more I travel,the more I fall in love with India.Already roamed quiet a bit.Stunned with its diversity for every fifty miles and there was a unique unity if you go north or south.Outwardly , the people who  have forced knowledge through various medias  could  differ  on various matters such as religion,caste,creed and so on.But the common man in every state is alike.Am sure if you can't live in India,you can't live anywhere on the earth.

Coming  to our topic,translation is my passion.In fact,it's a  great service.Having something  unknown to  your lap means  no short of service.He took all the pains of understanding two languages and get ready  for you.That's not  an easy job.I hoped to meet  different  aspirants from  different  states.That was fulfilled.East,west,north and south from all directions of our country,I was fortunate to meet promising young translators.
(Having a tea at the dining room)

A new start had been seen on this occasion.Through giving and taking of Indian languages only the spirit of   Integration is possible.Yes,not only from  English,Indian languages should be exchanged in translation.That's what exhorted by Prof.Panchanan Mohanthy in his valedictory meeting.I should also tell about the erudite scholars who taught  us pros and cons of the subject.All were well experienced and in tact with the relevant  topic.Leave some people like Aparna Das  (?) of HCU who  seemed  having gone overboard with her  own approach.

(Receiving a certificate)

I also met some gems like Naveena Amaran who  happened to be the review editor of two English journals and Manojit Das of  computer geek  and Atul Chaturvedi,Shivanath Sarma,G.T.Naidu,Amal raj,Alankeswari,Anju,Kaif,Mazhar,pavan and many young people.Stuti barukia and Bhai jan from North east.And what to say about V.R.Sarma and Anna Mary who almost became close friends.

Maybe, we shall not meet together..But the moments we left  there still in  the air.Last but  not the least,I have bought a book from the press located in the campus is titled "Zeme folktales".Am reading it now.At last,north east tales that I was searching for ,ended up here.Tariq Khan sir and Anwar sir,well  done your jobs.Adieu  Mysore.


  1. A good narration on your experiences! If it is focused on the topics discussed there ,it could have more enticing ! Well ,it's nice anyway.

  2. All those will be followed in my upcoming posts as a separate part.


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