Sunday, April 2, 2017

A True Son of Soil is honored ...!

I should say something about a farmer Sri Javvadi Jaya Kumar Naidu  who belonged to a tiny village and with a vast understanding about the life , profession and literature.A rare kind of its sort.Knew him flesh and blood to have a story for you all.Yes,it's a rare one.But true to its core.Some decades long of his story would become the story of such village.Named by Charla ,adjacent to Bhadrachalam, the  temple town, a small village in Telengana .All the day he toiled in the fields along with other workers in the form of supervision and mentoring and he never forgot flipping through the pages of classics and other ones as well.Reading is his passion all along the year.Never saw a farmer like him to have reading his passion after finishing his work for livelihood.He is an octogenarian,we must remember it, What made him to do so I thought of it some decades back,His stupendous passion and nothing else,Understood it.

You might ask me why all this agog about,Yes I want to introduce a man of grit,knowledge and voracious reading on the occasion.Every tom and dick get honored  in these days for nothing but a man of substance honored on this Ugadi at Charla with his spouse Sai lakshmi garu.I cordially pat the Kala Ravali Organisers to honor him along with the wife.This time Ugadi flashed a real one by respecting this couple with the best Farmer award.Every city is alike.But each village has its own flavor.So that Charla is with its demeanor of hard work,Creativity and beauty.The lakes,hillocks,greenery and smooth going people all these are ornaments of this place.

What more to say,yeh,there are many things coming to my mind,After my SSC at Khammam eventually transported to Charla for plus two for a bunch of reasons.Trust me ,What I am today is a reflection of my bygone days here by having inspiration in many issues like reading,travelling,learning and what not.How fortunate  am I all these with fun and frolic adolescence ..!I had learnt valuable  lessons from the place and spread my wings wide as possible in every thing.This is my small honor write-up from my blog for the couple on the occasion.

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  1. dear kaviji,
    really hats off. a splendid write up. feel proud to be a friend of you. your
    writing skills are very very impressive. hope you become the supreme in the field of literature.


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