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A Boulder in the stream (Story)

A Boulder in the stream (story)--Murthy Kvvs

Srinivas peeped into the class to be sure of that boy, oh..yes,Ramesh was there in blue shirt in the second row.Ramesh was studying in class eighth.And Srinivas has been working as an English teacher in the school being run by Zilla Parishat management.Srinivas felt a little bit unnerved to face Ramesh.Anyhow he has to take next period, not to be avoided since time-table goes as it was.In the first place, why should a teacher become pissed off dealing a student not less than a fifteen years of age?The same thought boosted the morale of Srinivas.

It should not be termed as fear, to be frank, a repentance over an incident in which his role was defensive.It's a battle inside, not to get revealed whatsoever.Even he liked to speak up his mind, who is there to hear and what is there to judge upon.It's a matter of two hearts.His conscience throbs within to do something.That mistake should not have taken place, he whispered again.

We have to go back to yesterday to understand what really did happen.That was a small village Narsapuram.With fields either side of the main Tar Road, leading the pilgrim place Parnasala,was a high school equipped with sufficient buildings,lab and staff unlike any other so called sarkari institutions.Neem, Coromandal ebony and Millettia pinnata trees were abundantly seen all through the way and bless people with fresh air and shade.

About fifteen hamlets along with other blocks, from where the children keep coming here to pursue their studies.There was no intense publicity or hike up about the school like private ones.But each year it sees a fair competition having a seat in here.Good school and a good ambiance with spacious play ground and enough of greenery would always be a great experience for any child when he looked back into his life.

We would start understanding the spirit and real value of childhood, once we had crossed it off.The fun and frolic life set us into the mundane world to feel the changeover as years move by.The life we had in the school was the real blissful life, yet, there were some children unfortunately to have underwent enough trauma not withstanding their age.The scars would perhaps be there and reflect all over the life, who knows.

Oh.Let's come back to our school, that was Monday.Not so a happy day to come back after a restful Sunday.At that moment, the wisdom comes to mind that everything was bound to transit or change.Even from Head Master to lay the student, the particular day was despised, but they have to obey the law of time, what to do.Some fortunate teachers who have leaves in their balance applied for the same and due to scarcity of the staffSrinivas had been drafted to the extra period for eighth class.

"Good morning Children" he reciprocated the children soon after entering the class.Attendance was taken.He thought of having some discourse to let them know current issues.

"Children...Can anybody elucidate Swatch Bharat," Srinivas asked. A pupil called Vishnu got up and started telling the salient factors of the program.The way he explained was so nice to his age.He must have been a good reader.

" nice of you...Do you follow news papers every day?" Srinivas questioned him.

"Yes..sir.Besides that,I would go to the library and read different kinds of books.My grand father, once, had taken me to library, thereafter I found great joy in reading.Above all, we could read all those at free of cost.To my surprise, the very little chunk of people keeps frequenting the library." Vishnu answered enthusiastically.

"My are so fortunate.You understood the sweetness in reading at the earliest.In these days, both parents and children are crazy about mindless dirty T.V.serials.The height of worse is both are watching and enjoying together.Keep up your good habit Vishnu" Srinivas said.

Apart from the ongoing interaction,Srinivas noticed an odd boy in the class.He was in the last bench.He was not responding to the current of the class atmosphere.Seemed to be apathetic.In fact, there is no sign of giggling, innocence or playfulness in his face which are all common in any child.Srinivas made eye contact with him to alert his behavior. No response found either.

" last one...Stand up," Srinivas said, a bit seriously.He got up where he was.The same face, no concealment of his careless nature.

"what is your name"

Ramesh" he said.He did not use the word Sir.As a teacherSrinivas felt something bad.He never confronted a student with this sort of headstrong nature.

"Ramesh...Come on, tell me...What did Vishnu tell us a few minutes back?

"I didn't hear it" The same reckless answer.

"Then...what are you doing here in the class room?It's not a place for reverie,"

"I said...I did not pay attention."

"Why...You are here for that only."

Ramesh remained silent.But no sorry feel in his face.Back to the same carelessness.Srinivas amazed himself that what kind of child this bloody fellow to remain long faced for all the questions.It's sheer disgrace to a teacher failing to have minimum respect from a student.

Srinivas lost his patience.He rushed to the last bench and slapped hard on the face of Ramesh.The poor brat fell on the floor.And he helped himself get up and silently sat on the bench.Still, there was no sign of tears or repentance in his face.Srinivas never have seen a student like him.

After getting into the staff room,Srinivas called for Vishnu and talked about Ramesh.

" Vishnu...what kind of idiot Ramesh is...he never behaved properly in the class,what the hell does happen with him" asked Srinivas.

"Sir...sometimes he behaves so, particularly on the days when his mother comes to see him,"

" Tell me in detail...what happens then"

"Sir, the parents of Ramesh were separated because of their internal conflicts.His mother married someone else.Occasionally she used to come here to see Ramesh.But his father wants him not to talk with her, 

Had he talked,Ramesh would have beaten black and blue, that night, by his father."

"Oh... such a pathetic condition."

"And this morning, his mother visited our school and talked to him sir"

" Vishnu...I understand it now.thanks." Srinivas sent the student back.

Srinivas remained thoughtful for a while.Life is full of ups and downs.Tears and laughs.But childhood should be protected at least, from all these blows.How all these impressions could take into further forms when they have grown up are beyond the imagination.He became ashamed of his bashing in the class.Decided to relieve himself by saying sorry.Hmm.Saying sorry to a student? No, which hurts his ego before all other students.Then what to do...Yes.Not today, tomorrow.I should meet him in person and placate him by patting his back.Of course with a chocolate. (the End)


  1. Nice story with some food for thought

  2. Not judging the other person is one of the toughest things to learn!

  3. You can safely embark writing narrations and stories particularly in English! Your language is so nearest to your feelings and flowing naturally that whatever you need in soul to convey it's coming out simply! Amazing! I missed it in your Telugu! I believe you are altogether fit for the language which you heartfully love! Hoping a Ruskin bond evolves out soon if you sharpen your pen a bit more! Wishing you the best sir! VIJAYA KUMAR

  4. Wow. After reading, I am forced into deep thoughts.


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