Monday, March 6, 2017


I was wishing to have clicked the splashing orange colored flowers whenever being on the journey of Parnasala.To be precise,these trees are aplenty right we enter the outskirts of Turubaka which is just a ten k.m. Away from Bhadrachalam.With the outset of spring season,the bright bunch of orange flowers starts blooming to entice the onlookers. 
These trees are well known as Modugu chetlu and the flowers are Modugu pulu.Its botanical name is Butea Monosperma.Quiet a natural phenomenon around this locality.Bhadrachalam is so notorious for its mercury levels during the summer season,yet the trees of its kind look retro with eye feasting orange flowers,leaving leaves without trace .

These flowers were appreciated in ancient Ayurvedic medicine.People also use them to make colors for using on the festival of Holi.Vedic rituals are associated with the flowers.Another name for these are flowers of fire.Richly attributed in the literary traditions of many states of India.Mainly we see these in south east and South west parts of Asia.

In the process of transforming nature into Spring ,the woods seem ablaze with the shoots of flowers.Sooner the bursting of brimming colors arrest the gaze of beholders.At last,fortunate to showcase the scenes today for our blog viewers.

The backdrop here in this picture keeps negating though the tree stood with adequate flowers. Oblivious of our surroundings when taking these pictures. But amazing nature added its own  hues as a paramour.Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour 


  1. And the clouds are like smoke to the flame!

  2. An apt name and beautiful captures!

  3. What a gorgeous flowering tree. I've never seen one like it. Blessings!

  4. Yes, your comments about the "woods being ablaze" is a very apt description of the vivid red blossoms.


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