Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Nomad learns Morality : A Review

I should say something at its very outset of writing a few words on a collection of stories.In fact,I have been aware of the publication since its inception online and tempted many a time to have it by going through the link provided in the blog of its writer, Tomichan Matheikal Sir.But remained unsuccessful due to technical reasons,this time thanks to Amazan people to rush the same pin pointed.There was one particular reason for it that you must be acquainted that Tomichan ji was an exceptional blogger with his stirring and thought provoking ideas.Be it philosophy of East or West,Current trends,History or any topic,he writes so prolific, that too, with great honesty.His tone is perfectly non biased.To any culture,any ethics or any region.That's why I like to await his next post always.His story collection title as cited above reflects all these qualities.

I do not know  whether I am a qualified one to judge his stories in the first place.But expressing my views.That's it.I would rather say all these pieces are intellectual discourses.In Ahalya,he touches mythology of India,yet not in usual view.Viewed it as a gender ethics issue.In Coma,the difference between two human worlds displayed,as what really fatal to a conscious living one.Taj Mahal and its real background unfurled before the reader.Especially the barbaric relations of The Mughals revealed in a prudent way.And unfortunately they had all been considered as great patrons of erstwhile architecture.

Tomichan ji succeeded in his narrative, whatever the subject he adopted,Sarcastic and intelligent at the same time.He goes into realms of the Greeks and their barbaric struggle for power and wealth.And never left Islamic anecdotes to show further, in addition.Yes,he does have extra balls.One interesting phenomena,the northeast region with adequate description has taken place in another story.We really amiss this region in many books.And a lot to be focussed through stories whatever the life they lead.India means top to bottom.Now we want hidden corners to be foreseen,before all else.

I am very contented by flipping the last page of this book. And one more thing, the diction or plot weaving,in all these this writer is blessed and hoped to come again with a small novel if possible.Definitely,the author can become a great writer if he focusses all his powers on untouched elements.Please read all these stories,you will never regret ,that's my word.Go to amazon and order it.


  1. I'm touched Murthy ji by your review.

    The publisher sells the book at less rates compared to Amazon. So for those who are interested, let me give the link here:

    Thanks a lot for the review.


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