Sunday, January 1, 2017

The 11 day - Festival Commenced

(Temple from outside)

Vaikuntha Ekadasi celebrations (Dec 30 - Jan 9,2017)  here came at Bhadrachalam and this eleven day bound Fete had been observing since time immemorial ,some say,these were initiated by Saint Tuumu Narasimha Dasu, however, with the advent of Ekadasi utsavalu,number of devotees keep visiting on the particular days without fail.These celebrations consist of three main happenings.First 10 days,celestial deity gives darshanam in the different avataram ,that means 10 avataram altogether.In addition,each day carries cultural programs like dancing,singing,dramas and other things.On the last day , resplendent event  not to skip off,Teppotsavam.

(Yesterday,Second day, in Koormavataaram)

Teppotsavam expansively attracts all ages of people, the presiding deity goes on a boat ride in the waters of the Godavari,shimmering evening light and breeze  lead the people to unknown worlds,mobs regale with hoary anecdotes of the deity.Crackers start to peel off the layers of the night with its dazzling booming.The archetype custom on the last day would always be welcomed with great joy to propitiate the Deity in open space.

The following day,early morning,Uttara dwara darshanam,That means the devotees can have the darshanam of Deity from the gate of North side which remain closed all other days except this day.There was an allegory that if anyone could see the lord from this gate,there would not be another birth for any human being.For the sake of a wacky idea,you might ask me if I tried it,frankly NO.Oh... Don't jump to a conclusion,I am not fortunate enough these days,except twice or thrice in my childhood, as there was a heavy rush all the time.And Am a busy bee with my travelling all around ..!


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