Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In search of signs of Prehistoric people

We have got ready a couple days back, to venture into the forests of Gannavaram colony of Charla Mandalam where the place of some ancient rocks laid down in memory of their ancestors and it was believed to be prehistoric age.Local friends ,extended their support to reach the exact location or it could have been a tremulous nightmare for sure as they were wrapped under the heaps of dried leaves and other stones.

During the walk, we have come across many scenic nature beauties and captured them for our blog readers.A Video should do justice than having clicked the rocks ,That's why a detailed video also provided at the bottom,hope you like it.

As usual Naren garu guided in this rolling into deep forests and the rumble makes by fallen leaves beneath our feet ,perhaps sending out messages for the animals and so that no trace of them .Dead calm all over except the birds fluttering sound.

We have analyzed that these were not dolmens like the ones on the hillocks of kamuni cheruvu,a few miles away from here,yet these could have been erected in memories of their departed elders,and these steep rocks both sides of the narrow path.Some rocks were scattered and some are seen as unearthed.

For complete view,please see the video given in the bottom.

(A Glimpse of the location)

(Selfie during the walk)

( A Pond nearby hills)

(Toddies in the fields)


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