Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Review on Paulo Coelho's Novel "The Winner Stands Alone"

Superstitions are common to all , of course, maybe different people have different ones.Some are age old and some modern,of what ...? It could be anything,let me speak my mind first.Thus ,you understand my pain and shattered confidence in detail.This is all abouPaulo Coeolho and his novel The Winner stands alone.
Prior to this, I have read some books of Paulo and understood his insight about  the daily routine where many have failed to write in a simple and possible profound style.

This time with the novel cited above not up to the mark in any aspect.Wondered at how poor the narrative looked pale and uninteresting all through the theme delving  into it.That may be called faltering or something ,but it utterly failed to move the reader to further pages,Subject is about scintillating and glitzy world.Already fiction kings attempted them like nothing to leave.Theme is classy and it is all about Cannes film festival,flashy stars,manipulating bigwigs and Super class that knows and plays all intimidating tricks to endure their empire at any cost.

In such kind of festival, our hero Igor and heroine Ewa entered with their own missions.Igor,Russion business man experienced with Afghanisthan war in his early days.Ewa,his wife ,designer  but eloped with a fashion magnate of Arab origin called Hamid.Igor came here to get back his sweetheart at any cost and starts eliminating some persons in the part of his play.He keeps signalling all these by messages.In brief,this is all the story.Several characters like Gabriela,Jasmine and Savoy come one by one to support the narrative.

It's all about a murder mystery all through the story.Meanwhile,the details and anecdotes of Cannes ,a small town in France come up to entertain us ,how the nondescript meagerly populated place evolved as a center for flashy stars and so on.Future models and their plans even to the level of sleeping with nobody revealed in its own way.Igor, though killed some persons for the sake of getting his wife back seemed not convincing.And one can raise against it for this silly thought though there were number of ugly ways to do the same.And Igor never thought of being punished with his highly sophisticated technics of killing innocents.

The story and conceiving both are so poor . Suspense is the key, but anybody can guesthe  conclusion. Paulo Coelho underestimated the prudence of the reader. Sometimes we get bored and his insights looked lengthy when he thought of saying something high philosophy.

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  1. Nice review.I took the book in hand with much excitement but all ebbed out after reading first few pages.


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