Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Heaven for Aficionados

With Paravastu Lokeswar garu,a legendary travel writer in the book fair

I was there at the 27th Vijayawada Book Festival a couple of days back and will endeavor my best inditing a few lines about my stupendous experience.The event commenced on 1st of this month and to be lasted for a fortnight.Interestingly  there was no ingress fee for this immensely colossal mela of books.International level publishers such as Harper Collins,Oxford,Jaico etc participated with their stalls.Many other national level book sellers seemed to be there apart from Giant Telugu publishers like Visalandhra,Navachetana,Emesco etc.,Ramakrishna Mission book stall too was there with the attendance of many youth readers.

Book donation box and a Sadhu like person

Altogether 230 stalls were established from all corners of the country.Novels,story books,autobiographies,General erudition and info-packed books and what not every genre of publications was being exhibited for exuberant readers.English,Telugu and a few Hindi book stalls predominantly were visually perceived to accommodate the needy people,Apart from all these,literary activities were another magnetization.Writers' interaction,book releases and storytelling for children all these integrated pep to the perpetual book fair.

A Glimpse of the book fair

The Week,Deccan Chronicle and some other magazines established their outlets to promote their circulation.Second hand books were additionally available with nominal prices.But English fiction sellers do not consider a discount ,nevertheless, lots of classics of past and  present times draw attention of bibliophiles.It's a great designation of hope being visually perceived immensely colossal number of youths turn up to this grand book fair.At last,pulled it off with a note of ecstasy by having a selfie with Paravastu Lokeswar garu,the peregrinate inditer who opened his own stall to sell out his books.

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  1. Wonderful experience at the book exhibition.

  2. I would have spent too much time there!


  3. There is one going on right now in Delhi! Have to venture out soon!

  4. I would have had much fun.. although the books maybe are written in a language which I can't read anyway

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  5. nice ideas
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  6. Missing a lot ! Your narration is alluring and reminding what l missed !


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