Sunday, December 4, 2016

They are shouting and gesticulating..!

Some stories have to be told before they vanished into oblivion without trace.Such is the case with Kondareddys who had been living amidst the beauties of Perantalapalli landscapes.At present,the place is drawing tourists from far and wide and much talked about ,for various reasons.Firstly,the boat cruise on the river of Godavari which resembles awestruck earthly heaven with colossal hillocks both sides of the flowing river and what to say about long lanes of sand heaps in different shapes...!Eye feasting lush green ambiance, infinite silence,breezing air and altogether a real relaxing destination of the soul.All these would be felt when one  is on the trip of it.That's one side of the coin.

Another is, sooner or later, all these have to be submerged in the project of Polavaram when it got completed. Not only that, the tribes called Kondareddys along with their own culture filled villages have to be submerged,maybe,they could be directed to substitute places,whether they are congenial or not that's a different issue,their age long bond with the place to be disrupted.They have their own crafts,recipes and their life style basing the place where their ancestors lived some thousands of years.

Governments should have all these in their views as to help their cause as they have no intelligence to argue behalf of themselves.Right now, they are content with what they have and a little solace, having some income from arriving tourists.They can't make millions or billions with their handmade crafts,just a little bit added to their rainy days,help them by purchasing their wood crafts.That could be useful when they get shifted to other places.We are one,We are human beings,let's do what we have in our hands. They are shouting and gesticulating in silence,no media they have ..Hope you understand..!


  1. I v visited and seen this art craft, which is quite awesome. Iy is difficult to carry them without being spoiled, hence sales are less. If they pacfk it sitably a lot will be sold.


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