Saturday, December 24, 2016

Parnasala : Glimpses at desultory

(An old and abandoned construction at the entrance of Parnasala)

(Temple view from the backside,some work was under progress) 

That was a day of cool breeze in the tiny village Parnasala,yet,the name is quite familiar for the anecdotes of Ramayana as Rama and Sita ,the divine couple was said to be resting here for a few days during their Vanavasam or Forest dwelling.As of now,neither the wild forest nor the massive influx of people are evident here for the reasons of its own.On a few celebrations like Srirama Navami and Mukkoti ,there we can see the traffic problem with flooding of devotees,an untold rule is every devotee afoot in Parnasala after his Darshan at Bhadrachalam,else,it was something wrong.
(Toddies and the hillocks over there in backdrop,a banyan tree too)

(Goats happily grazing)

What to see here apart from the temple..?Guide shows the place where once Sita washed her clothes and dried up the same on the rock plates and the small hut believed to be lived in as well.Along with them, serenely flowing Godavari is another great scenario which delineates haunting landscapes across the banks.Boating facility is provided.This must be in your list while visiting to feel the luster,elegance and opulence of Nature's exuberance.

(Boat is ready)

I would present some pics here to depict the topography of Parnasala.Not only the Temple view,possibly other common sights which almost every typical village carries with it.Parnasala has a thorough road from Bhadrachalam and almost 35k.m. From there.There were small time vendors who provide meals and basic needs like cool drinks,mineral water etc.Some people say weekends keep drawing more visitors than other days.

(Sprawling hills along the banks of Godavari)

(Parnasala or Kutiram in the premises of the temple)


  1. The second last picture from the banks of Godavari is my favorite!

  2. Lovely shots. I love those sprawling hills.

  3. Nice to know about Parnasala. Thank you for the pictures from there.


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