Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Lethal Intruder

Some pictures trigger shock waves through our body and those were inevitable sometimes to initiate required steps in the days to come.Here, I am presenting some photos which will take you to another level of scaring.In fact,this terrific incident has taken place in the district of Kanked of Chattisgarh state.A boy was attacked and killed by a leopard,not only that it seems the lethal animal had pierced the poor one from the bottom as it had liked to get pieces.

How can one outplay a Cheeta when it confronted in the forest..? It's not a cinema to let it get pounced and kill at once.The reality is always a different story.You have to hide from its sight or you should be armed with a powerful rifle to face it,beyond it all,courage is the prerequisite.Or it's not so easy fighting a leopard or tiger as they have the capability of striking with a lightning speed.

Here, in this case that's what happened with the photograph and in other pictures,we could see the body of the Leopard, guessing  it was killed by the irate mob by using all possible tactics. That's not too easy,however the panic has been seen in the pics.The pictures actually belonged to our friend Mr.Anand of Andhra bhoomi journalist and displayed here for our blog readers.You could raise a question that how Chattisgarh state news should be placed in a Telugu daily.Yes,It always does happen every time as our temple town has the boarder with it.

Bastar,Kanked and other districts of Chattisgarh used to take its own share of news in our district editions due to its proximity.And the lion's share of news about the encounter of Naxalites or vice versa.In fact,the state should be cynosure of their handicrafts,pristine tourist destinations and unique cultural display, and what to do,people like stereotypes all the way.

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