Sunday, November 20, 2016

Expand Your Horizons through Reading

Public libraries play a vital role in spreading knowledge with the stock of adequate books,journals and updated information.Be it students,job seekers,house wives or any other group of people should take advantage of powerhouse of knowledge which had been opened for enthusiasts.Reading makes every person sober and awakened towards mundane affairs.Younger generation should become ardent book readers for a brighter future.Personal and professional life would be enriched through reading,said Mr.Maganti Suryam while addressing the gathering of  the occasion of weeklong "Grandhyalaya utsavaalu".

Mr.K.A.Jaya Rao(MEO) congratulated all the participants and winners who partook in the competitions held by the library authority.One would understand Godliness through reading books,he opined on the occasion.Librarian Mr. SK.Johnny's efforts evidently being seen in the maintenance of clean and green premises of the branch library.Poets Malya Sri,Tirupatayya and local representative Mr M.Pullayya and others delivered their messages.Prize distribution has been done to the children who participated in different events.


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