Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Calf saved by a duo of Animal lovers

It was yesterday an interesting  and pathetic event has taken place on the road of the temple town ,around afternoon,a heavey vehicle dashed a stray calf.The poor creature fell down as its leg severely injured as you have seen  here in the picture.The hooligan driver flew away with no consideration about the wounded calf.Two advocates Mr.Pamaraju Thirmal Rao and Mr Vaidula Venkateswarlu came to rescue the wounded animal with the help of a veterinary employee.They have taken every care to provide the adequate medical care.At last now,it is picking its strength.Thoughts and deeds are different in this world.Making them happen in to the practical sphere is the real acid test.Incidents like these support the idea of there is no dearth of humanity still there in the wretched worldly people.

Yes,today the baby animal is looking quiet.Why should not we take action against the owner of the creature to have sent it onto the road..?We, the people preach high sounding words about the sacredness of the cow but practically do not care its welfare like  food and shelter.The poor creatures often are seen peeling off  wall posters and sometimes remain there on the roads without food,how insensitive we are!It is better sending them to the slaughter house than letting them be perished in these ways.Owners of the animals should be punished as per law for this kind of brutal occurances.

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