Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rayagada photos for you

Rayagada, a fascinating small town of Odisha state.I recently was there at a meeting conducted by Rayagada writers,by which had an opportunity to walk about in a few streets.Let  it be fair or not,roaming makes one known so many things,a real raw spirit of the place,is n't it..?Here Am presenting you some of Rayagada pics taken while I was through it..! I could not make out having a click of Majhi Gouri Maa temple though  it is a renowned temple here,but have a chance to glance over from the bus.J.K.Paper Mills is the famous hallmark of Rayagada.

(This is the station road where all colorful garlands and other decorative pieces were seen)

(A Spectacular scenic beauty while entering Rayagada)

The podium having the statue of aboriginal tribes at the office of ITDA, Rayagada,nearby bus stand.

(Rayagada town bus station,as I have taken the bus journey from Visakhapatnam )

A Lush green ambiance through the window of our bus while returning.Alittle bit Foggy ..! Hope you enjoy the day..!

(Palm groves along the way..White shrubs were different, of course)

(An interior street in the town)

(Station Road in daily routine)

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