Monday, October 31, 2016

A Transfigured construction

The colorful and elegant structure being seen in the picture at present called as Annapurna Ramalingeswara temple.We should better name it as a conglomerate of several tiny temples along with the shopping complex outside.All brand new it looks as of now,in fact,the place was best known as "Saadhuvula Mandapam" or the abode for monks which usually gave sheltar to the sanyasins who visit the pilgrim place from far off places.It had been considered as a serene held place for over hundreds of years.And then the structure was completely different with more banyan and peepal trees around.With Trishulams around Homagundams,the entire place was of spiritual and mystic vibrations,no common people had audacity to come near the place.Transformation has been done in to present condition with additional structures.In brief, the scaring place of Tantric traditions got its change with times inevitable.

There is no air of bewilderment or breathtaking now as it keeps drawing people to the newly built temples around.Once a haunting like ambiance turned in to a serene landscape.Quite dissimilar when compared the past and present of the Iconic buildings.Hope you could recognize that there was no gopuram for the temple,because the very purpose of the structure was different.It was a place for Sadhus to stay once.And the present structure may be altered in course of time,who knows..?


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