Monday, September 5, 2016

Vinayaka Chaviti

Today   is the festival of Lord Ganapati,hope you all have completed 'puja' by this time as this post has flashed here a bit late instead of its actual time planned yesterday.Things went that way.Though today is considered as the festival itself,next nine days will be remained crucial filling with plethora of cultural activities in almost every street having the Idol for their own group.It's the most apt season for some people to display the muscle power in the matter of collecting donations and likes of it.

(Ganapati Idols for sales)

Pomp and gaiety abuzz all across the happening .Immersion of the Idols is a thing to send the traffic haywire as the vehicles of Idols get beeline in hundreds,mostly come from far off places as the river Godavari at Bhadrachalam considered as sacred with the presence of Lord Rama.Ever since the Idol worship of Ganapati had initiated by Tilak,each group is busy making their own precincts in line of their own whims.

(Different leaves,fruits and flowers for the puja)


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