Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kudos to the place of condescending smile

A building of yesteryear's glory

I should say kudos to a companion with whom chanced to be at Dummugudem again.The excuse this time is conducting the Hindi exam behalf of Dakshin Bharat Hindi prachara Sabha.I am not a taker of the exam, nor a conductor, but an ardent admirer of that little village,almost a nondescript entity by now.At the same time the past of this place is hoary and was busy with great activity.Its very look tells us what it was once.The place was a settlement of British employees before Independence.Some years back,I had written an elaborate  blog post on the burial stones of the deceased ones of the people who served as school teachers,administrators and navigation employees.Captain Glosford survey cited this locality widely.

Godavari flows under the fluffy clouds

It is a long story how the place had become a part of the  Britishers,yet worth mentioning here.Sir Arthur Cotton asked the Nijams to provide the Bhadrachalam and Nugur taluks  to facilitate the construction of Dhowlaiswaram project on the river Godavari,so it was handed over by the Nijams in the year of 1860.These two taluks transferred from central province to Madras Province in 1874.After independence,the entire place had gone into the East Godavari district and in 1959 adjoined to Khammam district for the convenience of administration.Right now,It's going to be the part of Kothagudem district shortly.

A Scenic beauty at the entrance of  Dummugudem

Well, let's get down to the present,this place is almost 30 k.m. away from the temple town and you will touch the outer road of it when you travel to Parnasala.With the havoc created by the 1986 floods,most of the villagers migrated to roadside village Lakshminagaram and important offices too.Though it is called as Dummugudem mandalam,the actual working hub is the latter.

Making a boat

The age old constructions remind us the past and the timber used in the houses,gables,spacious ventilation borne windows all these have us somewhere.Apart from huge and small houses at the village,there were double storied buildings in the work shop,one was studded with glass heavily,so which was called by glass building.In this visit of mine,came to know that most of the constructions vanished to debris.Some looked dilapidated.The first school here established more than 100 years back.And still running under the management of Church of South India.Thus the remote area greatly benefitted in view of education.

A Lake with flowers

Spectacular, the scene of overview of the village with nonstopping cool breeze,lush green trees and the Godavari flows on the other side.Infinite serenity.We have met some people on the banks of the river who were indulged in making a boat ,quite interesting.Who said there was no beauty in a sleepy and quiet place...!All of a sudden,there was a rattle in the shrubs over there,some plant with a bunch of flowers was moving for the breeze,those were never seen and my queries about them went futile.

Flowers unknown

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  1. Seems like a wonderful place Murthy... I haven't been there but who know maybe someday

    Thank you for the introduction

    Have a nice ABC-day / – week
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  2. Thanks a lot for stopping by. You are most welcome to the place.

    1. Thank you Murthy.... I don't know if I'll ever will, its so far away ..;-)

  3. The last one is picture of Lantana flowers.

  4. Yesterday's glory is a bit faded, but the lake with flowers is beautiful !

  5. Great post! I love learning about places far from me.

  6. I like your first photo. Always interesting to come upon something unexpected in a quiet corner like boa building.

  7. Loved the first photograph..I love visiting photographing old structures/houses/places that have a history attached to them..they are so magical :)

  8. I love seeing and hearing about almost anywhere in India. A wonderful country. Thank you for the story and the video.


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