Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Taj Mahal through my lens

The real trouble with massive construction of Taj Mahal is with its gorgeous grandeur that could be seen so grand from any angle you choose to behold.I have taken it from the right corner after getting entered it to see the mausoleum , thought of one thing in common when it comes to the structures of the Mughals.They did big whatever they had taken up.Even the fort of Fatehpur Sikri and likes of it support the conclusion,central Asian  architecture happily blended with indigenous style of construction.

Hope it got the natural composure in its spirit. Everybody looked nonchalant towards worldly things in the lap of Taj Mahal.That was almost late evening and it seemed somewhat rosy though ,which was said of white basically.By the way,it was in front of  the tombs of Shajahan and Mumtaz.One tomb seemed big in size ,there could be some substantial reason behind it.

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  1. lovely words for this weeks letter and very suitable too

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  2. Wow, I usually only see it from straight, at a distance.


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