Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sri Daatla Seetarama Raju is remembered

Satyanarayana Puram, almost a nondescript village in the mandal of Charla, 40 k.m away from Bhadrachalam was emotional in bidding adieu its noble son called Sri Daatla Seetarama Raju (91).Why should we be obsessed about  him by writing a blog post ..? Yes, there is a reason.He came to this place from West Godavari in 1948 with his siblings,in search of green pastures.Remained as a backbone of development of the village in many walks of life.

His death ceremony  has taken place yesterday at Satyanarayana Puram.Let me cite here some of his contributions towards the area and a bit beyond it.He established a school here that provided education class 1 to class 10 with the amenities of all requirements like wonderful library,spacious playground and competent teachers.Adequate buildings and needed guest lectures.All this happened not now ,started about almost four decades back when no corporate giants had been entered the arena to make thriving profits.And all this for providing free education for all sections of people.

Illustrious giants like Venkatapati Raju (Cricket),China jeeyar swami (Spiritual teacher) and Avantsa Somasundar (Literature)  etc.visited the school and gave their discourses.The school ambiance itself a replica of the true Gurukula.His another achievement is  Taliperu project which has been provided water for almost 30,000 acres around this area and still yielding a great harvest .Although the village has 15000 population, there you can find a telephone exchange,A national bank branch,PACS,and above all a neat and planned village tinged with lush green fields.A real village model dreamt of Mahatma Gandhi.

MLAs' of Bhadrachalam and Kothagudem came all the way to pay their respects.Being a stalwart is not a smooth  sailing ,he had  had enough of  obstacles in realizing grandiose plans but his grit and perseverance remained legendary at last, that's what the life for,to fight and live for ever.Let his soul rest in peace.

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