Saturday, August 13, 2016

Somasundar and Reminiscences

Avantsa Somasundar (91),the lighthouse of the Telugu literary world passed away yesterday and his association with the temple town is one to remember on the occasion.He came to Bhadrachalam thrice to participate in the literary gatherings arranged by local organizations like Sahiti Goutami and so on.All it took place in 90's as far as my knowledge is concerned.On one occasion,I happened to have received him and escorted up to the temple premises.Undoubtedly he created his own aura in the Telugu literature by penning a number of writings, be it poetry,story,novel,essay,criticism or translation ,he emerged in his own way.He authored almost 77 books and the magnum opus is Vajrayudham with which his name is synonymous.

One more thing is to be said that Somasundar was perhaps only one of the few who had chosen the writing as the main profession and his magazine Kalakeli was a historical milestone by contributing a lot for Telugu literature.He received many awards along with a doctorate from andhra university.His presence is forever etched in our memories.Rest in peace grand old man.

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