Friday, August 26, 2016

Gross disrespect

Yesterday, It was found that the statue of Swami Vivekananda in the premises of Ramakrishna math located at Kothagudem,the coal hub,completely veiled by business hoarding.Earlier, the figure of the spiritual torch bearer was being seemed so vividly while you were taking cross heading in to bus stand.The statue indeed emanates his stirring message with a practical approach towards the worldly problems.The surroundings too turned a havoc with heavy traffic,often slip in to haywire.It must have been a coaching center hoarding so rudely covered not to be seen the statue by the commuters.

Ironically, it engaged with  the coaching of youths for bank jobs to whom the reformer gave his message in his life time to be fearless and disciplined to uphold the motherland.Don't we have a little respect about the sacrificed soul..? else, what the real meaning of education ..!?Seeing the place is giving jitters to the onlookers.Can't we have some other way for advertisement with present day high-end technolgy..?That truly gets us a shot in the arm.


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