Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Monsoon brings transformation

With picking up monsoon in the July , things are getting anew whether it by sprouting new grass on the lands or the sky with black clouds at the times.Being smitten by terrific summer,the lashing showers came to us at last.Thanks heaven.Sometimes drizzles and sometimes thundershowers,anyway,without rainfall we can't imagine the barren scene of paddy fields and ungreen covered all around. Romance of the rainy season has been initiated ,see the picture above,which was captured some minutes before the thundershowers lashed the temple town a couple of days back.Entire town covered by the shadow of  black  clouds.It's how momentum gained for further action.

Paddy fields captured at Charla.


  1. Because of monsoon the world is still alive

  2. We have monsoons in the southwestern area of the U.S. too. It can be quite dramatic!


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