Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's the time of floods

All seasons seem superlatives when it is concerned with Bhadrachalam.Floods are quite common during the months of July to September.84' floods were so notorious and almost created a record that remains standstill even to this moment.The bridge featured above is the link to the outer world of the temple town.This picture and the video presented in the post captured a couple of days back and these are to showcase the torrential river of Godavari.

A new bridge is under construction,just parallel to it, people think that once which get into reality could help the traffic a lot.On special occasions, traffic goes haywire with all the vehicles occupied.In fact,the bridge stipulated time of endurance is said to be finished as it  crossed almost fifty years of life.Gruesome accidents took place many a time.To manoeure safe passing through it ,one should be cautious with no diversion of attention.Am sure you can't take your eyes off the scenic beauty around the place. 


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