Monday, July 11, 2016

Gorgeous Bogatha Waterfalls

That was the place where the resemblance of  heavenly waterfalls gushing over the rocks with the lilting sound to bewitch the onlookers.The foamy floating seems to unleash to enchant the nature with its own fill.This fascinating phenomenon called Bogatha Waterfalls,which is just 120 k.m. away From Bhadrachalam.And the village named Cheekupalli, Wazeed Mandal,Khammam district.With the advent of the monsoon , eye feasting waterfalls came to its best look to entice the visitors as usual.From almost every corner of the district and of course across from other states to keep thronging here and its the best bet for the happy vacation.But be careful when you are around the water since unexpected torrents proved  fatal several times.

Are you fed up with  age old tourist places..? Try it next.It will fix you the best profound moments in your life.Hear the music of the waterfalls while sitting back to see the ethereal  romantic charm of both rocks and waters.The exotic location situated in the midst of lush greenery in addition.You can get the rewarding experience during the months of July to September.An exclusive video also presented here.

Photo and Video inputs : Mr.Vyas


  1. Awesome read. beautiful presentation.

  2. I had been to Bhadrachalam... I should have extended my travel a bit. Great pic of the falls.

    1. Oh interesting, I could have helped you ,in case I was informed a bit earlier.

  3. Good capture. Like the water falls

  4. Beautiful picture. I shalltry to visit the place!

  5. How wonderful! Feels great to really be at so much rushing water. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a powerful waterfall! So great you get to see it.

  7. The fall indeed looks lovely!


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