Monday, July 4, 2016

Cute Bulbul bird chilling out

Never thought of capturing a cute bulbul bird, but eventually irresistible to have it when I visited a friend's house.It was just chilling out in the open air and making fidgets  while obeying the signals of  it's mother bird.This baby bulbul appears in the video aged only 10 days.I should say a little bit about the garden in the front yard of Veedhula Rambabu garu's house.He planted several kinds since he liked the greenery very much.That little garden became a refuge for the birds like these.Nobody disturbs the privacy of the birds there, so every year,by the month of January these bulbul birds come here and lay eggs in the nests they build up .After hatching ,they will fly along with their baby birds and it happens around July.Roughly six months ,they go somewhere else.This cyclic phenomena had been going on for the last ten years.

Our friend said the mother Bulbul  feeds the younger one  for only 10 to 11 days.After that,the baby one is encouraged by the mother bird to fly bit by bit. Branch to branch.Thus, they would go together to unknown distances.The new batch of birds again returns with the stroke of six month gap.Our house owner keeps helping the birds by providing water and calm ambiance.When building the nest on the branches, the senior bird takes all measures to ensure the safety of its eggs.They would throw away if there were any reptiles or likes of it.In this video,the younger bulbul is on its trial to go out of the garden.It was making sounds often when my mobile kept close to him.


  1. Good you could capture this. I haven't seen a bird so small as this.

  2. How cute ! I didn't know this bird at all !

  3. the little one seem alone. Hope the parent came soon.


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