Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Antya Pushkaraalu " commences at the temple town

The river Godavari is gearing up for Antya pushkaraalu and the works are being done at the banks of the river,the picture above clicked yesterday.It is to be commenced today and would be lasted upto  11 th of August month.Ghats are filled with silt and mudslides due to recent occurrence of aghast floods.In fact, last year Godavari pushkaraalu event took place in the month of July and this time we can call it as a supplement event for that,those who did not participate last time could attend this round of happening.Simply the event is to pay reverential homage to our deceased family members by having holy dips and rituals i.e.Sraadha karma.

For the last year event,almost five million people came here and the number of visitors, this time, could be of less in comparison due to several reasons.As Godavari is still in flood water and the color of the flow is clearly seen along with the deposits of sand and silt.Anyway,it's preposterous to say so.Fencing is done to prevent  visitors  entering   the  risky zone of waters. There above the sky ,entre nous , with having a portrait of gleaming clouds made the ongoing works even more interesting to behold.

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