Sunday, June 5, 2016

S.P.Balasubrhamanyam and my connection

I should have been writing it yesterday but not got materialized due to many of my pre- occupied engagements, but must be attempted because being  an ardent admirer of the legendary singer S.P.Balasubrhamanyam who requires no introduction as a singer par excellence.Yesterday was his birthday and there were programs on the T.V.s,specifically mentioned on E.TV (Telugu) ,interacting with growing singers who have been introduced and groomed by none other than this sweet hearted singer.

S.P.Balasubrhamanyam recorded more than  40,000 songs, including languages like Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam,Hindi and many other languages.He obtained six times national awards and twenty five times Nandi awards of Andhra Pradesh not only that he got Padmasri and Padmabhushan from  central government.He won the hearts of people and many awards to reckon.

Before all else, S.P.B. is a jewel of the Indian singing community with his spell binding voice,it's truly a God blessing soul to give a song its befitting muse.That's why he has become a household's sweet heart all these years.Right now,he has been doing a great work through E.Tv by grooming scores of budding singers through his precious qualification of experience.So many have turned into good singers and music composers. could ask me what the connection with him...Yes...the photograph you are seeing in the post was sent by him to my address when I was studying class tenth,on my request, it's around 1979.Then I was a movie buff and enjoying writing to various cine artistes  for their photos.Please don't ask me about the present condition,totally lost my interest in movies and who sings who's songs.


  1. A musical legend he is god's gift to us. Happy birthday, sir

  2. One of my favorite singers. Good to see the pic, u r lucky to get a pic from him.


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