Monday, June 27, 2016

Film actor Rallapalli Paid Obeisance

Film actor Rallapalli requires no intro even to this generation.He paid obeisance to the deity of Bhadrachalam yesterday.How can we give a cold shoulder to a person who entertained audience some decades with his own acting skills,be it a role of comedy or the other  , his involvement of performance never to be fading away with passing time.His resonant voice with perfect precision always be a matter of joyful screen appearance.

Rallapalli performed in 850 films,mostly in Telugu apart from a few in Tamil.Who would forget his exemplary acting in Rendu rellu aaru (Two two's are six) as a person who always insist to speak all possible Indian languages whenever he chanced upon expressing his opinion,that invokes chuckles uncontrollably.Seetakokachiluka (The butterfly) is another film which carried his best nuances to remember.These are just a few examples,there are many to cite from hundreds of movies.

He has been recognized as a good cook by the likes of K.Viswanth and Kamal Hasan,during the shooting times he used to display his culinary skills,admitted in a TV interview.Should have said in the RK's open heart if I am not mistaken.May Lord Rama bless him abundantly. 

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