Monday, June 20, 2016

A Passionate Foodie

Vamsi is another name for showcasing the beauties of river Godavari and everyday life characters from typical Godavari areas in his movies.He has his own way of dealing in terms with making movies.Not only that, he kept writing about his visits, especially the small time hotels that sometimes deliver wonderful food with their own kind of  preparations.Maybe they seem small but offer surprisingly great items.Vamsi wrote about many of its kind earlier, in several papers along with FB posts.Thus they became well known overnight at shoestring budget,no,absolutely at no advertisement expenses.

Recently he visited a hotel called Sujata Mess located at Chintur, once which was in the part of Bhadrachalam division and now merged in Andhra as the part of the Polavaram project hit area. The hotel management was appreciated by him as they served their best items like Dal curry with mango mix,non-veg curry and other delicacies.He also uploaded some photos of the occasion and they have been reposted here for our blog readers.

Things like this are a great relief from drudgery of bustling routine. Having rounds to the obscurely known places in search of draped in fine cooks let the world know a word about the connoisseurs.There could be a knee-jerk response if the more follows the suit.   


  1. Curry with mango sounds delicious.

  2. When you stay/patronize mom-and-pop operations, for the most part you get wonderful personal service.

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