Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Little about RD

I have been a subscriber of Readers Digest for some quiet years.With my own errands and other avocation,renewal not done,of course,frankly speaking not aware of it in toto.What made me surprised is that they  assumed sending me copies for the last five months.Free of cost,I must confess it.And no requisition from my side.Sometimes,we don't know how to react for the things that are queer in nature.In the first place,why should they send me without my intervention for renewal,I asked it my self  and the answer came up as they must have my address in their database.That's right,great to have it,but what about my conscience that pinches me day in and day out that I am getting something of others for nothing.Yes,It could not be like stealing or the sort of it.That's their decision and I am the receiver.That sounds fair enough.

What I like most with.RD is its size.Trust me.Comfortable to carry it anywhere.I also felt happy seeing one Telugu man's name inthe marketing section.It's my hobby having seen editorial team and crew details.Please do not smile.That's how a typical Telugu guy often tend to go impulsive.

In the issue of last month...appeared an article on Deeyah Khan,an artist living in Oslo with a lot of problems.Heart melting woes.Sometimes , you have to stamp down the snow. Here the real irony comes,I am eagerly waiting to get furnished the new subscription for my friend that was gifted by me some two months back.

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  1. RD has become so sleek -- a welcome change over from its past


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