Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's raining time

A blanket of dark clouds keeps sprawling over there in the sky and commuters were hurrying to home.This picture has been clicked around this past evening at Bhadrachalam.There was still brightness on the road ,nonethless,being the sky skewed in contrast.

Yes,the rain seemed its raid in full swing.No one is there to see on the road.It's May month rain,so special like Manna for the people after getting scorched themselves under merciless mercury.

A little brighter now.Thanks for the unexpected guest.


  1. Great One but in Delhi Hot weather 44*C

  2. One of the prominent Hindu festivals that mark the beginning of rainy season is Naga Panchami. This popular Hindu festival is dedicated to Ananta, the serpent upon whose coils Vishnu (The Rain God) rested between universes. Compact Analysis


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