Friday, May 27, 2016

Horrendous accident on Bhadrachalam bridge

A gruesome accident has taken place this evening on the bridge of Bhadrachalam. Almost none witnessed this kind of fatal incident here as a car dashed the motorbike as its rider was thrown away into the sand of  Godavari river from the top of the bridge.The person died on the spot and injuries seemed so brutal.Bridge constructed in the sixties and the traffic increased leaps and bounds.Certainly one has to be very careful since vehicles like lorries,cars,autos and two wheelers are always helter-skelter on the bridge while driving.

Cell phone using while driving is a very dangerous practice, but nobody cares whenever somebody advised it.Mercury levels also in its high and the river Godavari remained now as a feeble stream.Heaps of sand resembled a deserted look.Had there been a sufficient flow of water,he would have survived at least with some vital injuries.Anyway another bridge which is under construction should be launched as soon as possible or it is difficult to cope up with the traffic flow from adjacent states in addition.

The body has thrown away into the sand from the bridge as the bike rider rammed into the car. The picture was taken from the top of the bridge.Let his soul rest in peace.

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  1. Cell phones have been the cause of many such accidents. May the young man's soul RIP


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