Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Exhilarating moments

The picture given here was taken almost twenty five years back.In fact,I was used to appreciate good pics that appear in the mags or papers but having the enjoyment of  taking pics with the own camera started with this picture only,grabbing a beautiful landscape through lens was something valuable experience.It was taken by my first camera of yashika,I didn't know shutter speed etc., nomenclature.

The spiraling road, on which a vehicle was going distantly,both sides towering green trees,that's it.My intuition told me to have captured the exhilarating moment.And it turned one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken,literally a a poem by itself.

I should say where it was.The location was nearby Kesava Patnam.You will  come across it when you are going to Parnasala from Bhadrachalam.It's a scanned photo for my blogger viewers.Hope a great Tuesday.



  1. Very nice. I also love looking back through photos I took years ago.

  2. Having such memories is a bliss. Thank you for sharing.


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