Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's all about quenching thirst

There are many ways to beat scorching heat in the season of summer.One such action unleashed in the form of water in clay pots,to supply the cool water those who baked under the sun and in urgent need of water for free.The outlet here we have clicked for you is in front of  Nikita hospitols, Charla road.Mercury levels in the temple town are so notorious as the summer ushered in .Usually the good samaritan orgs won't remain calm,they start outlets like these with having pots of cool water to provide it to the needy people.

People keep coming in not only from around places,but from far and wide to visit the temple though which is of heat waves filled particularly as it plodding on to midday. Then,these water pots come in to rescue to do their level best.There is always some person to give water for the needy people.Those who could afford cool drinks also try this service some times.Different junctions have been seen with likes of activities and the tradition has some years of background.


  1. Water is of the essence:) Thank you Murphy for participating in SEASONS! Your English is superb, but I am not sure which country - is is India, or...? Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the compliment.Yes..from India.Telangana , the southern part.

  3. yes, water is absolutely essential!

  4. That is so great that they provide cool water for those who are in need. It's amazing how we who have water so readily available often take it for granted until we see something like this.

  5. Very noble thing these people are doing. Plus clay pot water is always better than fridge-cooled water. Very good initiative.

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