Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Quiescent Evening

That was an evening,sun almost on the verge of getting draped in to the horizon  in the spring season of our location.Each town whether it is big or small generally has a ground for the common needs of folks like walking,playing and sometimes that can be served as a stage for theater arts.The people here in the ground were in action of their own choice.The ground is adjacent to Redcross building ,in fact, less than a stone throw's away.

Both mornings and evenings ,It is quite a known phenomena with lots of people pursuing walking and playing with gusto.One round of walking in the ground almost emulates one kilometer.Some young aspirants keep jogging and having work-outs to meet the stipulated standards.Usually evening walkers are seen from the segments of employed ones and others who have no time in the morning.

Cricket buffs are regular without fail.Mostly children and youths seem busy playing it.District and state level tournaments take place here with regular intervals.Here in the ground,there is a stage that houses drama competitions in the starting months of each year.Many renowned theater and Cine persons had partook it and it's going on as an enduring legacy from the last fifteen years.


  1. It looks like a good place for sports and fun.

  2. Looks like a really nice place!

  3. Your local kids must spend hours in such wise open spaces. No wonder they are so good at cricket.

  4. Many thanks for adding this fun place to SEASONS! It is good to preserve spaces like these, so people can relax and build friendships by playing different sports. Thanks for being a part of Seasons
    and enjoy your week!

  5. That looks like fun. Cricket is basically nonexistent in my country.


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