Friday, March 18, 2016

Toddy leaves marketing

Toddy leaves on the cart seeing here are to sell as a whole sale or in retail and this phenomena is usually prevalent in  the streets of Bhadrachalam quite often in the season of summer in particular.Sellers procure the leaves from the toddy trees to supply it to the needy ones who are interested to use them in making huts and small shacks for shading ,because the leaves are renowned for its coolness to face the scorching sun heat.

The cart was resting it seems,with the bulls were freed from the reins and contemplating their food ,dry grass, with gusto.Munjalu or jelly like seeds of the toddy trees(Borassus Fiebellifer) are also in great demand as a food congenial in the season.each leaf 2 to 3 meter long with distinct cleft at the base.And of course toddy liquor is not to be told specially as which has number of fans anyway.

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