Friday, March 25, 2016

Toddy Fruits and benifits

Toddy fruits or munjalu (In Telugu) are quite a known phenomenon in summer.The nearby villages of Bhadrachalam blessed with hundreds of Toddy trees,in fact in abundance.With the advent of hottest summer the nature sends its solace in the form things like it.Almost everybody tend to taste the munjalu in the season for its qualities providing natural coolant for body.Great taste though it seems jelly like one.Toddy tree is also called as Asia's palmyra tree contains full of health benefits.

It contains Vitamin A,B Complex and C .Good for worm infestation.The sap also best to take and it tastes like coconut water if it was taken afresh.Otherwise it turned in to mild intoxication giving alcohol.Generally tribals do not adulterate it like other professional vendors.I have seen  some hundreds of trees in the fields of Dummagudem mandal and other villages of the division.

Usually toddy trees are spared from cut down like other trees because of its own values.Many vendors approached the owners of the trees to lease them to have business with the munjalu and kallu or the sap,it's confined to the particular season.Usually one dozen fruits cost 20 to 25 bucks,the sap differs with quality and availability ,one steel jug of half a liter costs nearly 10 rupees.The more it fresh ,the more you relish it.Try it if  possible.


  1. I love having this. Looking forward to having these this summer.

  2. Very informative! I used to think that toddy was an intoxicating drink only. Was not aware that it had health benefits.

    Amazing Sanskrit

  3. I used to wonder what this fruit was. Now I know.


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