Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Konta : A Small town in Chattisgarh

(Shivaji Statue at Konta)

I am going to introduce a small town located in the state of  Chattisgarh,its Konta,almost an obscure and nondescript place but which has something in common with Telugu speaking people.Well,It's just 69 k.m. away from Bhadrachalam.Chattisgarh has closeness geographically from many points of Bhadrachalam division.From the mandals of Dummugudem and charla it's proximity not beyond 20 k.m.,As we already know,the bifurcation of Andhra pradesh axed the temple town in to many pieces.Not only temple lands,some streets of the town also have merged in to Andhra region.It's a different big story,let's resume it afterwards.

O.Kay,Some days back went to Konta along with a friend.He has some relations there and happened to visit one of them.Most of the business is conducted by Telugu people and the small town has well furnished houses against my prior thoughts.From there Odisha is seemed adjacent,people have to cross the river,that's all.Once I landed in the place,felt very cool breeze all along my stay.Reason is simple.There was ample forestation in and around the town.Lush green forest was whisking away as we were heading to the town.Let the Almighty bless the land so.

(A Chattisgarh bus in front of Bhadrachalam bus stand to pick up the passengers)

Infact,Chattisgarh region was so peaceful until almost 20 years back.With the advent of Naxals and Salwajudum ,the whole region became a war place.Common people especially tribals have been leaving the rural patches to Telangana and Andhra towns for their livelihood.Some are seen as coolies of plucking mirchis.Buses are now increased in number from the conductors of both regions.

I have asked a teacher of Konta about his anecdotes of the region.He was mostly concentrated on a kirana shop as there was no chance for teaching in the nearest village,since he was facing diktats from 'some people'.Almost each Telugu family has a business there,it seemed so.How beautiful it would be if this kind of nice landscape had got freed from the maelstorm of  internal catastrophic scene.


  1. Interesting writing, what a shame a qualified teacher cannot pursue his
    chosen vocation because of 'diktats from some people'... when children in nearby villages would surely benefit from this person's knowledge... It's a sad world that we live in. sad and frightening, in light of the events in Brussels, I feel we are entering a very dangerous era.
    Best wishes,

    ABCW team.


  2. It is said when teachers can't teach!

  3. Never heard of before.... the world is full of little places wich are not that familiar but still worth mentioning and exploring.

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

  4. This sure looks interesting place.

  5. This sure looks interesting place.

  6. This sure looks interesting place.

  7. This sure looks interesting place.


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