Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Complying inspite of Scorching heat

Pandals welcoming the devotees

Mercury levels are souring high at the temple town of Bhadrachalam, as which is even in the last week of  March month,commuters feel what the real arduous days ahead in the future.Yesterday it was  41 degrees around and even today not subsided yet.Streets witness almost no people in the Midday and caps are indispensable for every out goer. 

Sri Rama Navami,the prime festival is fast approaching and things are getting ready to spruce up required amenities for the convenience of  visiting devotees.There are number of rooms available from the management of devasthanam,private players and houses turned lodges,along with a tourism department hotel.

All these are not to be sufficient particularly on the days of  important festivals.One must agree that tourists are visiting the place in large number during the weekends too.Apart from temple, Perantapalli river cruise is attracting the people.Most of the vegetation around Bhadrachalam has been vanished and that also causes a hot summer here.Once upon a time ,it was greatly acclaimed in the part of Dandakarnya,now nowhere to see the flora in abundance. 

Navami work under progress


  1. It is this time of the year that the intense summer sun begins in my home country of PHilippines.


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