Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Soothing and heart touching Song

Sometimes we find rare gems all of a sudden, without any prior idea.The song here I am presenting belonged to such kind in many respects.You would accept it once you got heard it.This is a Nepali song rendered by Banika Pradhan.Happened to listened the song while I was reading a Darjiling based News portal.Yes,it's my hobby reading various news portal that were sometimes obscurely known or not so renown among the public.In the part of  online sojourn,came across the video of this song "Yeti dherai maya kino".Firstly amazed  myself that how unknown talent out there across our country,especially in the hills of Darjiling.

I keep listening the song even once for each day,that's how the melodious voice of Banika Pradhan overwhelmed me and not only that orchestra arrangements were also superb to quiescent our mind.Out of my agog writing these few lines to introduce it to my readers.There was a saying that the music could be enjoyed irrespective of language ,understood the spirit of those words after having gone through the piece.Singer's composure,aalaps and rendition just awesome.Different instrumentalists played congruous notes to make it further beautiful.Hope you enjoy the day. 

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