Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Paradise for Sparrows

It's literally truth we are going to talk about the beautiful and cute species of Sparrows.And its little paradise is here at the premises of a school ,they got up before the mellifluous sun rays  and start chirping and playing all over the corridors,sometimes even intrude into class rooms to make the children attentive about the nature.

In fact,like any other place the school location was also void of any sounds of  sparrows and very rarely the kind was seen around the place.The biology teacher of  yore I.Rama Krishna garu tried his best to woo them by making some small huts like nests and installing them on the heights of  class room walls,of course outside,along the corridors.

The sparrows started coming to the nests to live in a safe ambiance and truly which made the school a sanctuary for the little birds.The number is increasing leaps and bounds as time passes on.The teacher has gone on transfer but his reminiscences remained in the present form.Do you want to know the place..? It's SNAM ZPSS High school ,Narsa puram village of Bhadrachalam division,Telangana State.  

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