Monday, February 29, 2016

In love with Butterflies

It was a unique exhibition that has taken place,yesterday, at the degree college of Bhadrachalam.School children,enthusiasts and all other butterfly lovers turned up to behold the display.All the pictures were captured by none other than G.Gopala Krishna garu,the bio-science teacher who also authored a book on this subject titled "Mana Seetakokachilukalu" (Our Butterflies).It is perhaps to become the first one of its kind concerned with Telugu language.

He told us that he had traveled extensively to have captured all these varieties  of  butterflies ,even to a few wild forests along with concerned parks located at Hyderabad and Warangal.Our country alone hosts more than 1503 kinds of Butterflies with variations of colors and feeding.Bhadrchalam division witnessed 65 kinds so far.

Here we have taken some pictures from the exhibition for the people who have special interest in this subject.The book written on butterflies is explicit with the culmination of year- long  work, also released on the occasion and several dignitaries graced the function.Go for the book if you wish to have a longing to know all about the beautiful species.


  1. Good to see such interesting event happening that bring awareness to the younger minds about environment

  2. Wonderful to read about such an interesting event sir :-) thank you for sharing...


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