Saturday, February 13, 2016

Classical Music Performances at Bhadrachalam

(At Chitrakuta Mandapam)

The five day music concerts on the occasion of Bhakta Ramadasa's 383rd  birth anniversary began on 11th of this month and will be lasted up to 15 th of february.This time Nedunuri brothers and Malladi brothers are performing along with other classical vocalists,instrumentalists arriving from far and wide.In fact, which is a long lasting tradition here.In the past the glory was invariably different,The musical giants like Pandit Ravi Sankar,K.J.Yesudas,Mangalampalli,Chittibabu,Vaidyanadhan etc gave their renditions at the holy town with utmost devotion.For unknown reasons,there was hardly any effort made to draw any renowned musical heavyweight for the last two decades.Almost every artist would feel honored and blessed to perform in front of the Lord Rama's presence.No doubt,but things went that way.

Anyhow,this year seems to be a good start to have receiving well known and talented singers from all over country and some are from abroad too.Yesterday,I went to Chitrakuta Mandapam where the programs are being staged,and have seen some singer was performing,notably Kannada numbers.Must be of Purandhara dasa Kritis.Intrigued to know the singer's name,came outside to see his name on the board,surprisingly no sign of any of its kind to let know performer's name.My Good heavens...!

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